Shane Journeay


Shane Journeay is CEO of Nanotechnology Toxicology Consulting and Training. A native of Nova Scotia, he earned his PhD in Toxicology at the University of Saskatchewan and completed his M.D. at Dalhousie Medical School. He also holds a BSc and Master’s degree from the University of Ottawa and was awarded a Certificate in Space Studies from the International Space University. An author of numerous peer-reviewed articles and technical papers related to nanotoxicology, Journeay sits on the editorial board at the Journal of Occupational Medicine and Toxicology. He has served as an invited presenter and expert for numerous organizations, including the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Health Canada, the American Industrial Hygiene Association and the Alberta Occupational Health Nurses Association. He can be reached at

Nanotech’s Big Issue

Nanotech’s Big Issue

by , Issue: January / February 2015

The nanotechnology sector is an exploding disruptive force. Unfortunately, awareness of associated risks is not expanding as rapidly.